RIGHTS is a Not for Profit Organization started by few socially committed individuals during the year 2008. RIGHTS is based in Trivandrum, Kerala Registered under Societies Act (Reg. No. T 1008/2008), also having 12A registration from the income tax department and fulfilled all other statutory requirements. From its inception RIGHTS has been engaged in issue of ‘inclusion’ of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in the society especially children belonging to above said communities.

Bhimonlineclassroom.in is a project initiated by RIGHTS titled ‘Online class room and public repository of educational contents and multimedia class rooms for enabling access to non digital students from the marginalized background’.

The covid -19 pandemic resulted a surge in online education worldwide. In order prevent transmission of the covid -19 educational institutions has been closed for several months now. In India even before the announcement of the lockdown schools and colleges stop functioning. But there are institutions and even companies started online education programs, which is also triggered the discussion on digital divide in India. As per the latest statistics of telecom regulatory authority of India, internet density in India is 49% which means half of the population still not access to digital world. With in this 49 percentage of the population there are huge urban-rural, gender, age and social location. If you are person belonging to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe from rural background chances to access digital information become extremely difficult. Situation in Kerala slightly better with 55% internet penetration. But how many students can access internet at home still a big question particularly among scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and fishing communities. And even if one can access internet how many actually able to afford to pay app/online based applications?

The project aims to address above situation and it has 3 major components

  • Build an online public repository of online class room/ videos/ multimedia materials with a help of volunteers
  • Organize education labs involving different stakeholder in education to produce high quality educational materials
  • Start rural digital education centers enabled with appropriate gadgets / internet connectivity
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