thank you for working with us to create educational contents. Please read the below guidelines when you create a video, to ensure the content is accessible and useful for the students.

  1. Please make sure that you have enough room light and brightness in the video.
  2. Please make sure that the volume level of the video is audible.
  3. There is a chance if you create video using mobile camera that the writings on the white board get mirror imaged, please ensure that this is corrected before you create actual videos.
  4. Please try to include an introduction about the chapter / subject you take class on. Please advice students what are the preparatory things to do for the lesson in the video.
  5. Please try to keep the file size below 1GB if it is possible, if you dont know how to, then it is fine
  6. Please upload the videos to Google Drive and send to . In case any difficulty to upload to google drive, you may upload to Smash, DropBox, JumpShare .
  7. We configured a dedicated private youtube channel to make the video upload easier. Teachers can upload their videos directly to our channel where we will carry out the post production later and publish it. The guide to upload the videos as explained below.

The video upload url is : - To get the username and password to enter - please contact Ms Dhanya M D -

The screenshot below are the procedures to upload a video - please dont change the settings / selections, in case any doubt, please send an email to

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